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Vodafone is the official 3G partner for the PS Vita UK launch

Sony and Vodafone have teamed up to announce that gamers will get 3G data from the UK network when the handheld console launches in the UK in February.

Vodafone UK will be the ‘preferred network’ for 3G gaming on the go when the PS Vita launches in the UK on February 22nd next year.

Sony will be launching two versions of the new Playstation Portable console next year; a Wi-Fi only model and a Wi-Fi and 3G version which will utilise SIM technology to give gamers access to downloadable content and online gaming on the go.

Come February you’ll be able to pick up a PS Vita console boxed together with a Vodafone SIM card, and the kind folk at Sony will even throw in a free game download with the bundle, netting you Wipeout 2048 for free.

“With social gaming and connectivity at the heart of PlayStation Vita it is important that we partner with a market leading network provider, to ensure users have a high quality 3G experience,” said Jim Ryan, president and CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment Europe.

“Partnering with Vodafone will enable PS Vita users in the selected countries to always be connected with their PlayStation life, friends and games, wherever they are.”

Vodafone are yet to confirm the data bundles that will be available for PS Vita adopters next year, though we invision bundles similar to those currently available for smartphone users; 500MB through to unlimited (3GB) per month.

3G access will mean gaming on the go, web browsing, content downloading and the use of the Vita’s social features, including text and video chat to other gamers.

The Sony PS Vita launches on February 22nd next year in the UK, Europe, U.S. and New Zealand for £217 and £261 for the WiFi only and 3G models respectively.

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