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Voice and Image search comes to Google Desktop

Google has announced two new ways to search the web on your PC; Voice and Image search.

We’ve seen both Image and Voice search on mobile versions of Google, such as the Android app, but now the functionality will come to desktop browsers.

Image search will allow the user to drag an image file from their PC into the Google search bar. Google will then search for anything similar and bring back the results, as with a regular image search. If you drag an image of a product onto the search bar, Google will also bring back prices and places you can buy your searched product.

Users will also be able to paste an image url into the search bar or upload an image directly from their hard drive. Google have developed plug-ins and add-ons for the Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome browsers which will make image searching much easier.

Along with image search, voice search will now be available on the desktop site.  Google voice search has been available on the various Google smartphone apps for some time now, so it makes sense for the feature to make the jump to desktop.

Google confirmed that a staggering 6.2 years of non-stop speech is put through their smartphone apps every single day. That’s a whole lot of voice searching!

To do a voice search, simply click the microphone icon which will appear next to the Google search bar, and speak your search query aloud. More languages have been added to the voice search feature, meaning Google will be in even more countries worldwide.

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