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The Walking Dead – Survival Instinct Hits Consoles and Telltale Series Goes on PSN Sale

It’s a ‘double-tap’ for zombie gamers, as The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct has finally arrived on Xbox 360, Wii U and PS3 and Telltale’s popular serial title goes on sale through the PlayStation Network – offering Episode One completely free of charge!

First up, move aside Super Mario Brothers – the Dixon Brothers are set to give you a run for your gold coins, as the latest siblings to kick ass on consoles when The Walking Dead duo appear in their very own first-person shooter, Survival Instinct!

The game is published by Activision and puts the player in the role of fan favourite Daryl Dixon, who is accompanied by his brother Merle, as they head to Atlanta during the early stages of the viral outbreak that has turned most of the population into flesh munching zombies. Both characters are voiced by their real life counterparts, stars of the AMC TV show Norman Reedus and Michael Rooker.

Armed with whatever weapons they can find (including Daryl’s trusty crossbow) the redneck relations encounter challenges and characters both dead (the ‘walkers’) and living, and the player’s interaction with survivors affects the course of the gameplay that follows as the brothers attempt to cross the Georgia countryside into the infected city.

As well as the gore and guns the developers have intended for this game to play on our human sensibilities in a world where the rules no longer apply and with every moral decision there is an outcome – which of course will mean much butting of heads between the morally conscious Daryl and his malicious brother Merle.

The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct is on sale now for Xbox 360, PS3 and Wii U and Activision has released a launch day trailer to whet our appetites for the apocalypse!

Over on the PlayStation Store, Sony has announced news of a sale on the episode-based The Walking Dead series from Telltale Games with the first title free to download and succeeding instalments receiving a 50% price slash!

The ‘point and click’ game is based on The Walking Dead comics and focuses on a new character, an escaped convict name Lee Everett, who fights to protect himself and his daughter from the zombies. His continuing plight has brought the character into contact with new and familiar faces and locations such as Glen and Hershel Greene and the farm. The series has been critically applauded for its storytelling and the current season ended with an emotional fifth episode in November 2012.

Before The Walking Dead second series and recently announced bonus content arrives, the first five episodes are now up for grabs on through the PlayStation Network until April the 2nd and include the first episode free, with almost 50% off Episodes 1 – 5 which usually cost £3.99 each and are now just £2 and the special offer extend to Season Pass (all the episodes in the season) which was previously £15.00 and is now down to £11.99 or £8.99 with PlayStation Plus subscription.

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Fans of veteran zombie game franchise Resident Evil can also enjoy some terrifying treats as the full range from beginning to the latest titles receive up to 50% discounts through the PlayStation Store until April the 27th.