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No Wii HD for U and Mii? Nintendo tablet controller not to be sold seperately

Everyone knows Nintendo’s old trick of promoting multi-player and family-fun but not actually supplying a second handset – it’s a familiar game after all these years. This had your Gadget Helpline bloggers wondering – how much will it set us back for a second super-duper HD touchscreen controller for the Wii U??

Well, evidently Wii’ll only require one. Apparently the addition of a second controller would be too costly to sell as an individual unit so Nintendo aren’t bothering.

Presumably then the original Wii-mote will be recycled as an additional handset – denying player two of the high-def, on-screen-off-screen gameplay and all those non-gaming benefits Nintendo forced on us at E3 in an attempt to distract from the fact that there’s absolutely nothing new here but an “iPad” add-on for Wii.

We all saw how excited Nintendo representatives were at the Los Angeles conference when telling us how the original Wii was revolutionary in how it brought folk together and how U, Mii and Wii all love getting together to play favourites like Wii sports – now they negate the only real change to the console’s dynamic.

The Wii U console is slated to be a costly 400-golden coins and undoubtedly the HD controller is an expensive portion of that fee – but taking away multi-player with the HD controller and removing the two elements Nintendo really want to be pushing is purely ridiculous.

This further backs what we’ve said before – that the Wii U controller could have easily been packaged as an accessory to the original Wii (sans all the false hope and subsequent disappointments).

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