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WIndows 10 Logs 1 Million Testers

Microsoft’s Windows 10 preview has been open for around a week, and has allowed a massive number of users to get their hands on the brand new version of Windows, an operating system which ‘runs on everything’, according to Satya Nadella, Microsoft’s CEO.

The Windows Insider program lets users get hold of and test new builds of the OS. Many of those interested in Windows 10 have had their chance to test out the OS, and gradually new features are being leaked out across the internet.

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New screenshots arrive daily from Windows Insiders, although we’re not sure if they’re permitted to leak them. Regardless, leakers gonna leak, and it’ll happen no matter what Microsoft says in the terms and conditions.

According to the blog post from Microsoft at the source link below, the test version of the new unified operating system has surpassed one million test participants. Extensive coverage of the release by the media may have been partially responsible for the massive turnout.

The merging of Live Panels and the good old Start Menu has been a well-received feature of Windows 10.

Apparently about a third of of users are running Windows 10 side by side with other operating systems, as a virtual operating system. the other two thirds of users are running Windows 10 as the primary ‘native’ operating system on their PC, meaning that there are now around 666,000 machines running Windows 10 in the hands of users.

Microsoft’s brand new OS has generated over 200,000 pieces of user generated feedback via the Windows Feedback app, and hopefully these bug reports and snippets of user ideas will help the final version achieve perfection.

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The figures also cover how many apps users are launching. According to the blog post, 68% of users launch over 7 apps per day. Higher figures released say around 25% of devices running the Windows 10 Technical Preview launch over 26 apps per day, as well as 5% launch over 68 apps every day. it goes to show the availability of apps on the platform, as well as user acceptance of the new OS.

Microsoft’s Windows 10 testing program is still open. You can head to one of the links below and register as a Windows Insider, meaning you’ll be able to access early Windows 10 builds. Register and see if you can get hold of it on your devices now!

Get Windows 10: Windows Insider Program 

Source: Windows Blog

Via: TechCrunch