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Windows 10 Phone Coming This Month

It’s been a long and drawn out testing experience for desktop users of the preview version of Windows 10, the hot new computer operating system from Microsoft. On the mobile side of things, Microsoft has been playing their cards close to their chest of late, with Windows Phone execs even having to reassure customers that the platform has not been forgotten.

But there is light at the end of the tunnel – Microsoft is finally letting users get their hands on the preview version of Windows 10 which will be going out to mobiles. The OS is marketed as a cross platform operating system, meaning that Microsoft will make an attempt to standardize and deploy the OS to all manner of devices.

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By the end of the month the company hopes to have a preview program up and running on phones, reportedly Windows Phone users will have access to a similar Windows Insider Program as desktop users have had on PC. An app called Phone Insider is poised to release the test versions of Windows 10, and if you get your hands on the app it could mean potentially getting your hands on Windows 10 preview builds too.

Microsoft’s January 21st press event, billed for worldwide live streaming, will hopefully show off the new OS and what it can do on all available platforms, even potentially the Xbox One, as heads of that sector of Microsoft are reportedly to be present at the event.

Users should also be able to get their hands on Windows 10 through Phone Insider following that event, as currently only Microsoft employees have the luxury of being able to trial that new operating system themselves. it’s not yet know if all Windows Phone models will work with the OS or if any restrictions will be imposed by device.

A unified operating system from Microsoft means universal functionality across multiple platforms, from on the go to your home PC and even your games console. How these will all interface together will most likely be revealed at the upcoming press event, but what we do know so far from PC testers is that Windows 10 includes a whole host of new software which could finally modernize Windows as we know it, building on what was accomplished somewhat weakly with Windows 8 and 8.1.

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As far as Windows Phone users are concerned, greater compatibility with their PC at home is assured, as well as better apps and a more open app store. We’ve recently heard that also Microsoft is preparing to wind down older systems such as Windows 7 by 2020, so this could also point to, hopefully, a universal adoption of the multi platform Windows 10 in the near future.

Of course, for eagle eyed consumers, this represents a tricky conundrum as news of Windows 7’s winding down reaches them – is it best to buy a new computer now or wait until the market reacts to Windows 10? For desktop users, this decision will be less concerning, but for the users of tablets and smartphones, optimization of mobile devices for operating systems is a much greater factor.

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