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Alien Isolation ‘Safe Haven’ DLC Released Today

SEGA has today announced a third DLC for its sci-fi survival horror Alien: Isolation which will raise the challenge once again in the games largest map to date.

The pack named Safe Haven is released now for consoles including PS4 and Xbox One and introduces a new Salvage Challenge and a new playable character to the Alien: Isolation universe. Players can take control of Hughes, the Communications Manager of the Sevastopol Station to fulfil ten time limited tasks and only one life to complete them all.

With one of Hollywood’s most iconic beasts lurking in the shadows and the intense thrills spread out over A:I’s most vast playing area to date survival and completion of the mission is truly a terrifying prospect. Rewards come in the form on new weapons including Bolt Gun, Shotgun and EMP Mine and a place on the online leader board.

Safe Haven follows Crew Expendable and Last Survivor as the third of five downloadable packs for Alien: Isolation with was released in October 2014 as a successor to the Ridley Scott’s film Alien. Alien Isolation has been applauded for its thrills and continuity from the film, which it is set 15 years after, and picks up the story from the point of view of Ellen Ripley’s daughter Amanda who searches for the truth behind her mother’s disappearance. Unlike the last offering in the gaming franchise, Aliens: Colonial Marines, there are few weapons and only one alien and stealth and strategy are the key to survival.

Alien: Isolation DLC pack Safe Haven is available today for Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS4, PS3 and Windows PC.