Windows Phone 8.1 – Coming This Week?

After yet another leak/slip-up in an online support article, following on from previous slip ups involving Windows Phone 8.1 and the Surface Pro 3, Microsoft have done it again, this time outing a potential release date for Windows 8.1 to existing handsets on Twitter.

Last time we heard about Windows 8.1 for mobiles some light was shed on planned included folder support – the smartphone OS will finally be competitive with current iOS and Android versions, you will finally be able to make and edit your own folders. Read our article on it here.

However, fans of the upcoming Cortana digital assistant also won’t have to wait long for the OS, which was outed by @MicrosoftIndia. The Twitter post revealed that the OS would be coming to Windows Phone 8.0 devices in the next few weeks.

“The Windows Phone 8.1 update will roll out to existing Windows Phone 8 users during the first two weeks of July.” Was the answer given to one fan, who obviously couldn’t cope with the wait for the exciting new OS. For those of you who have been checking for updates daily, this comes as a welcome relief.

However, Microsoft are not yet going to confirm this leak, but, as was the case was with every other leak from Microsoft from their official outlets, we’re pretty sure this is genuine. Microsoft never confirms leaks, but never fails to live up to them either.

Long awaited features for Windows Phone 8.1 include Siri’s new competitor Cortana, the World Flow keyboard with features similar to third-party Swype, Action Center and custom wallpapers. VPN support is also included.

For those of you in the UK waiting for the highly anticipated release of the Nokia Lumia 930, fear not, as a Windows 8.1 release could herald the arrival of the phone, which Nokia also said was going to arrive ‘late June, early July’ which matches up pretty smoothly with the 8.1 release. The Lumia 930 is going to go for around £450-500, so yeah, don’t spend all of that payslip too quickly.

Source: Microsoft India on Twitter