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Windows 9 Leak Shows New Desktop

More leaked images have appeared of the desktop for the upcoming Windows 9 operating system, this time giving us a more clear idea of how the new taskbars and start menu might look in the final release of the brand spanking new version of Windows, which is expected to be a unified operating system which will appear across mobile devices and desktop computers.

Are those panels at the bottom of the screen those rumored virtual desktops?

Whilst Microsoft themselves have already released teaser images for the new start menu, the leak recently revealed shows off screenshots of what might well be the final version. The images are apparently from the Windows 9 Technical Preview, which is expected to arrive in the next few months.

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According to ZDnet, the charms bar from Windows 8 is expected to be removed, which is supported by these images, which were leaked to both ComputerBase and WinFuture, two German tech sites. The images show what appear to be a new start menu and a refined version of the taskbar, with a search feature added next to the classic start button.

A mysterious icon seems to indicate the long rumored inclusion of virtual desktops, which allow users to customise multiple desktops to their individual needs. Also included is a pane at the bottom of the screen which might just support the inclusion of the hot new feature.

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We can also see what appears to be a brand new revamped version of the notification centre in the system tray which has also been rumored. The notification centre is supposed to be more advanced than previous editions, giving users more options to stay up to date with incoming messages and system updates.

The revamped start menu features more interactivity than before.

Whilst its not been made clear that the screenshots are even of a final version, or how these systems even work, we advise the usual pinch of salt to be taken with the screenshots we’ve got on this article. The final version may differ, as Microsoft has declined to comment on the leaks. We’ll have to see if official screenshots match up when the preview of Windows 9 comes out in a little while.

Source: Computer Base

Via: The Verge