Windows Phone Mango available to 100% of phones and Apollo update coming 2012

Windows Phone 7’s Mango 7.5 update is now available to 100 percent of all of the Windows Phone line-up according to Microsoft.

The Big M has confirmed that after a month of batched releases of the new updated Operating System, all Windows Phone 7 sporting handsets on the market should now have either updated or have access to the Mango 7.5 update by now.

Microsoft confirmed that it’s “now delivering Mango to 100 percent of eligible phones around the world, regardless of carrier.”

The last batch of updates were sent to the LG Optimus 7 on Telefonica in Spain and the Samsung Omnia 7 on Deutsche Telekom.

Now that Mango is the official norm, thoughts are turning towards the next Windows Phone update which is tentatively titled Apollo (so much for theming the updates, huh!), with Engadget reporting that the next major update to the OS will be coming in and around the summer of 2012.

Reportedly, Apollo will introduce a new positioning framework for GPS and an integrated near-field communications (NFC) solution and could come under the guise of Windows Phone 8 as the build is being seen as a major update to the OS.

Rumours are also stating the Apollo could also be a Nokia Specific version of the Windows Phone software but this would leave LG, Samsung, ZTE and HTC handsets out in the cold a little and we can’t see that being very popular with Microsoft.

The long release schedules will continue to hamper Windows Phone OS running phones in the future as whilst we at the Gadget Helpline like the layout and feel of the WP 7.5 phones we can see the lack of depth and missing features being a continual pain.

Do you really want to hold out another 9 months just to see if the OS can catch up to Android and iOS’s level of capabilities?

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