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Facebook App for Windows 7.5 mango to be updated

Those of us who are revelling in the new Windows Phone 7.5 Mango update will have noticed a few major changes to our handsets in the past few weeks, but one thing that has not had an Mango update is the ever useful Official Facebook app on our Windows sporting handsets.

Well fear not as Joe Belfiore, the chief designer responsible for the look and feel of Windows Phone 7 has confirmed that the Official Facebook application will be getting a mango style update next week on the 31st of October.

The confirmation has come from Belfiore at the Nokia World Congress where Nokia showed its backing to the Windows Phone operating system by launching two new flagship handsets which both run WP7.5 mango software called the Nokia Lumin 800 and the Nokia Lumin 710.

The update will bring a host of new features to it including the ability to tile link into the App so you can shortcut straight into the Facebook App.

Basically this means you may be able to have your news feed or a specific friend on the Home screen of your WP7 phone.

The update will be free and we will be looking forward to see what the Mango update brings next week.

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