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Windows Phone Mango update now arriving September 1st

It would seem that Microsoft doesn’t fancy letting Google and Apple have all the spotlight with the announcement of Ice Cream Sandwich and iOS 5 respectively, as the software giant has decided to move forward the release date of the much talked about Mango update for Windows Phone 7, which should now see a release date of the 1st of September, which would also coincide with Europes biggest electronics expo – IFA 2011 in Berlin.

As we told you earlier, Google’s new Ice Cream Sandwich Android update is expected to launch in October and Apple’s new iOS 5 is expect to be launched late September, meaning that Microsoft’s Mango update will sneak on past both, ready for a later summer release.

According to sales figures, Windows Phone handsets have been selling better in Europe than anywhere else, which makes the IFA event in Berlin an ideal launch venue along with the possibility of hardware partners announcing a selection of new Mango-running smartphones as well.

Microsoft has so far declined to comment on the recent developments, although hopefully we’ll be able to get a definite answer sooner rather than later.

Let us know your thoughts on this, are you looking forward to a Mango running WP7 device, or are you going to stick with Android or iOS ? Don’t forget to leave us your thoughts in the comment section below, or if you prefer tweet us your opinions @Gadget_Helpline instead.

UPDATE: Microsoft’s head honcho of Windows Phone 7 development, Joe Belfiore, has confirmed via his Twitter account that the 1st September release for Mango is just a rumour.