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World’s first completely see-through smartphone revealed by Polytron

Over in Taiwan a company by the name of Polytron has revealed something super futuristic that caught our eye – the world’s first completely see-through smartphone. What’s more, they feel that we could be able to buy such a device before the end of the year in shops.

The company has been working on a way to create futuristic see-through phones for a while and recently revealed a working prototype, showing it off to Mobile Geeks.

Excitingly, almost the entire phone is completely see-through. The display and battery are transparent, while the non-transparent micro SD card and circuitry are found at the bottom of the device – unfortunately these parts have not been made transparent just yet.

The phone doesn’t currently run on a particular operating system such as Android or Windows Phone, but the company is hoping that its prototype will impress other companies and encourage them to bring a major software platform to the see-through product.

Although the phone isn’t entirely see-through, Polytron’s expertise in glass will mean that an opaque filter can be applied in areas where components such as the micro SD card need to be covered up, giving a more overall see-through and futuristic look.

Provided the company’s plans run smoothly, we could see the very first see-through phones launching towards the end of this year.

Seeing the phone has given us fond memories of the LG Crystal; a phone that had a completely see-through slide-out keyboard which blew our minds back in 2009 when it launched.