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World’s fastest printer by LG and Memjet due to go on sale

We know, we know, printers are most probably the least exciting piece of technology around, but this one is the world’s fastest desktop printer! That’s got your attention, hasn’t it!

LG has teamed up with Memjet’s incredibly fast printing technology to create the world’s fastes A4 colour desktop printer – the Machjet LPP 6010N.

Memjet showcased their superfast printing technology at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this February, but back then they didn’t have anyone to make printers using the technology. Since then a deal has been struck with LG who are now manufacturing the Machjet printers for the consumer market.

How does it work? Well, on one single printhead there’s over 70,000 ink nozzles firing ink at your paper. That’s roughly 17 times the number of ink nozzles per printhead of your average desktop printer, meaning it can print 60 pages per minute at a 1600 x 800 dpi (dots per inch) resolution. Impressive!

With speed comes cost, or so you’d think. The Machjet printers are actually more eco-friendly and cheaper to run than most desktop printers. They only draw 32W of power from the mains, compared to the huge 600W draw from most printers out there today.

“LG prides itself on launching truly innovative products and is pleased to bring the world’s fastest A4 colour desktop printers powered by Memjet’s game-changing printing technology to the Korean market,” said Sihwan Park, vice president of LG Electronics’ monitors and printers business unit.

“The Machjet delivers completely new levels of colour performance and affordability and uses significantly less energy versus laser printers.”?

At the moment we have no word on the price or availability of these incredibly fast printers, but we’ll keep you updated!

Via: Pocket-Lint