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WWE ’13 Trailer Leaks – Social Gaming “Revolution” Coming to Xbox 360, PS3 & Wii from November 1st?

During what was supposed to be a highly secretive viral campaign, WWE’s next game – the sequentially and obviously titled WWE ’13 – has been unofficially revealed in a newly leaked trailer which gives away the release date and names some of the playable grapplers in the next title from THQ’s popular pro-wrestling franchise.

Readers of the Gadget Helpline will know that in defiance against growing-up your blog team loves wrestling, especially WWE and we were excited and eager to see what a series of cryptic promos online and on its televised wrestling shows declaring the “Revolution” was all about. Was it an upcoming storyline twist or maybe a new or returning superstar?

WWE tried to keep this one in a tight headlock but somehow the mystery broke the hold and the trailer for WWE ’13 has hit the web with a gritty promo featuring current reigning WWE Champ CM Punk, who speaks of the coming “Revolution”. We can only imagine that the video’s scenes of united chaos and social uproar could mean WWE and THQ will offer some kind of online community, akin to Call of Duty Elite, which unites fans of the popular gaming series – much like the worldwide appeal of the sports entertainment unites its followers via a television screen and through the social internet.

As well as leaving us with more questions the trailer for WWE ’13, which has been widely pulled by THQ, shows us that in addition to CM Punk competitors such as Chris Jericho, the Undertaker and Sheamus will appear alongside legends like Stone Cold Steve Austin and Mankind.

WWE ’13 will be unleashed on November the 1st and will hit Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and Wii consoles.

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