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WWF Creates Special Font to Raise Awareness for Panda Bears

The World Wildlife Fund has created a very special font to raise further awareness to the plight of the beloved panda bear.

WWF (not to be confused with the former World Wrestling Federation) has worked with a creative design agency called Ogilvy & Mather to come up with The Panda Font Project and have developed a charming new typeface that features the fund’s black and white long-time mascot in a variety of fun poses, forming each letter in the alphabet as well as all the numbers.

They are encouraging us to use this font for a multitude of purposes and their examples include putting it labels, T-shirts, bicycle stickers and mugs or just using it to write a fun letter.

WWF hopes this will promote support for the panda’s survival and help raise valuable donations for our furry friends who are currently very high on the endangered species list with little over 1800 known to be living in the wilderness of China.

We adore the idea and the bear-faced typeface but there’s currently no link to get the Panda font that we’ve been able to find. We’re also not sure if it will cost a donation to download, which is quite possible, but we’ll endeavour to find out.