Xbox 360 gets Now TV app for Sky Movies

Sky has launched a new Xbox 360 application for its Now TV service which will allow  customers to access Sky Movies content on-demand without a subscription to the actual sky service but at a pay as you go video on demand service.

Last month Sky announced the new Now TV service which allows users to watch one off programs at a cost per video and it has been launched on the PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, YouView and select Android phones.

The service has two options, a monthly subscription service where you pay £15 per month (similar to rival Netflix)for unlimited access the movies or a go pay as you go option where movies cost between 99p and £3.49.

If you are interested in the Service on your Xbox 360 Sky have also provided a free 30 day free trial for the consoles so users can trial out the features and catch up on some missed films all for free.

The Xbox 360 app will also come with Kinect compatibility for users to navigate through the new app with the motion controller system.

Plus the service will be available in HD with movies (where the movies are available in HD) being displayed in 720i quality (the Xbox only supports this) but the lower res should lower the bandwidth options.

Sky have also announced that in the coming months they will also be introducing Sky Sports to Now TV and TV shows from its entertainment channels, Sky 1, Sky Atlantic, Sky Arts and Sky Living.

So users will be able to catch up on Football, the Cricket or even the new series of Glee on their Xbox 360 Games consoles.

You The Xbox 360 Now TV app will be displayed in the Apps section of your Xbox 360 dashboard for you to download today.

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