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Xbox 360 Windows dashboard update coming 15th November?

Microsoft’s Xbox 360 consoles is looking set to get its latest Dashboard refresh to its gaming platform on the 15th of November to celebrate the Xbox consoles 10th birthday. No not the Xbox 360 the Xbox as a console brand where the first Microsoft Xbox was released 10 years ago in the us on the 15th of November 2001.

The date confirmation is coming from gaming website Kotaku who are normally a reliable source of leaked information, and they state that the information has come from a leaked email to PayPal employees, who have been asked to test the company’s payment system in the new update, cites the launch date as the 15 November.

Microsoft announced the changes to the Dashboard back at the E3 conference in June but didn’t specify as to what sort of changes are coming to the dashboard. One of the bigger features of the update will be the PayPal functionality to add onto the current credit and Debit card payment methods.

Also the Dashboard will be seeing a full design makeover as Microsoft will be moving the design to be more in keeping with its Ever expanding Windows Phone Tile design so as to bring all of its Bing, Windows and Xbox Live functionality closer.

The new interface will be broken down into videos, games, music, and apps as well as offer Bing voice search via your Xbox 360. Also rumoured is a host of Live TV and Voice control functions for the service with Microsoft at the E3 event stating the new Layout will be “This is our vision for the future of television”.

The Xbox Dashboard will be update will be the forth iteration of the Xbox 360 system as it has received major overhauls in November 2008 to the current format, then to a new Kinect friendly version last November and then finally the new Windows compatible version form the 15th of Nov this year.

New features are always welcome to the Xbox Dashboard but sometimes it feel like the updates and features are solely geared towards the US only as when us in the UK and Europe get the updates its normally a compromised version with less of the functionality (Netflix for Sky player anyone!).

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