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How to fix Xbox One error 0x876c0104 with BT Home Hub 4 or 5

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Since the launch of the Xbox One we’ve been noticing a number of teething issues, ranging from the grinding disc tray to the (fortunately) more minor and resolvable error codes and glitches. One such issue which is yet to become a blotch on Microsoft’s launch is error 0x876c0104.

This error code is usually accompanied by most tiles being missing from the Xbox One’s home screen and the inability to sign in with an Xbox LIVE profile. The tiles missing are all associated to online media features such as Skype, and despite the console showing a successful connection to Wi-Fi, nothing online-related will work. We’ve noticed that this issue is limited to gamers using BT’s Home Hub 4 or Home Hub 5 routers and fortunately the issue can be resolved quite quickly.

Here’s how you fix it:

Problem: Xbox One with the error 0x876c0104 – Lots of tiles missing from the homescreen, unable to sign in to Xbox LIVE and use most online features


  • Connect to your Wi-Fi network
  • Return to the home screen, open Your games & apps and then Internet Explorer
  • One of the tabs should automatically take you to the landing page for your BT router
  • Follow the on screen instructions and at the end sign in with your BT account details (email address and password)
  • Once signed in, reboot the console by holding the power button until it’s off and then powering back on
  • Once rebooted, allow a few minutes for the console to obtain an IP and the tiles should start to appear on the home screen, indicating the problem has been resolved.

This error code and rather odd issue is caused by BT’s newer routers requiring the user to authenticate each new device connected to the network – on a mobile phone you’d be automatically reminded to sign in to the network through your browser, but unfortunately it seems BT can’t do the same on the Xbox One.

Once you’re signed in through Internet Explorer and your console has been rebooted you’ll be able to log in to Xbox LIVE and your tiles should start to appear on the home screen. A simple fix for a very frustrating issue!