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Xbox One to be Launched in Asia

As the UK and America have been enjoying their 4th gen consoles for a fair few months, Asia has been left in the dark and waiting for their turn to experience the spectacle. Well not for much longer! The Xbox One is set to launch in Hong Kong, India, Singapore or Taiwan this September.

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Without the Kinect, the console will set buyers back around HK$3,380 (£259), INR 39,990 (£401), S$639 (£303), and NT$12,980(£257). Microsoft hasn’t revealed when the Korean console will launch but did give a price – 498,000 Korean won (£291).

These consoles don’t come with Kinect systems, as this would make them more expensive. It does however come with 14 days free Xbox Live Gold subscription and a wireless controller bundled together as a little sweetener.

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Japan can expect to see the Xbox One arrive on September 2nd as a spokesperson for Microsoft has confirmed. China can also expect to receive the Xbox One in September but no official date has been confirmed yet.