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Xbox One priced on Amazon’s German website

Do you want to know the price of the Xbox One? Well so do we, and with more and more information coming out about Microsoft’s incoming next-generation console, pricing is sat at the top of our wish list of information. However, we are all free to speculate on the pricing and it appears that this is exactly what Amazon Germany is doing as they have listed the Xbox One console on their website.

Amazon Germany has the Xbox One listed for €599 which roughly translates to around £510 in the UK. We suspect that this is not a leak of the official pricing but is Amazon’s German department just using informed speculation to price the incoming console.

Since the console’s announcement last week much speculation has been made towards its price, with a figure around £400-500 generally accepted as the release day RRP. However, many speculate that Microsoft may be working on a subscription-based discounted system with a one-off purchase version available for a higher figure.

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One thing that most can agree on is that when the console does get released a much more competitive pricing system will be required due to the competition that is also arriving (the PS4 is also set to be released near the same time and the Wii U is already on general release), plus the state of the worldwide economy means that an overpriced console will simply not do very well.

When the Xbox 360 was released in the UK back in 2005 the basic Core edition cost £209, offering a basic setup and the Premium version was priced at £279. The PS3 was priced at a much bigger £425 upon release.

However, with its amped up hardware, entertainment and Blu-ray capabilities, there is a case for the Xbox One to be priced higher, especially when you consider the prices of other electronic devices that we purchase on a daily basis (iPad, anyone?)

So we list this down as a speculated price and still hold out for a sub-£400 retail for the Xbox One. You can check out’s pre-order page which is is still live here and you can see our coverage of the Xbox One launch event here.