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Xbox One February update delayed – March looks good though!

Microsoft’s Major Nelson has announced that the Xbox One software update that was originally set for launch yesterday has been delayed (if you hadn’t already noticed). The update was set to add some new features to the Xbox One UI as well as offering some improvements in terms of stability and was due to land yesterday, but due to the delay it should now be arriving this week according to Larry Hryb’s Twitter account (

This will mean the release date for this particular update is gradually edging closer to the anticipated March update – a different update altogether – that should arrive before the release of Titanfall. That update is still set for March 4th but I would not be surprised if this is edged back as well, so don’t hold your breath.

The expected improvements in the March update focus on social and multiplayer features, with your friends list moving to the main dashboard screen, Party Chat to be turned on by default, an “Invite Friends to Game” option added and a recent players list brought into the UI. Don’t all of these improvements sound like features that already exist on the 360?

Let’s just hope that both of the updates arrive before the Titanfall release date and that there are no delays on the the game’s impending arrival that is set for the March 11th.

At this rate March is set to be a good month for gaming with a new and hotly anticipated title in the form of Titanfall, a new software update and new hardware in the form of the official Xbox One stereo headset and adapter.