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Your post as a movie

When looking for recognition, some people do the craziest things, from doing a full dive onto a frozen pool to baking miniature cakes to be used with miniature tools, the list is endless. Some, though, just do it for fun, and everybody else drags it along.

For those who do not know much about Reddit I will not bore you with details but it is basically a news site, kind of like Youtube but not for vids, just posts and pics etc…

Recently, a mysterious Redditor has made a name for himself by taking hundreds of user-submitted images and turning them into wonderful fictional movie posters. It seems to have become a bit of a lottery, people post an image and there is a slim chance that said image will catch the secret Genius’ eye.

The only thing the internet knows about this mysterious artist so far is that it’s a ‘he’, only as he refers to himself as such. So, all you have to do is post an image, and, hopefully, people will ‘upvote’ it high enough for Mr Mysterio to notice the image. If he likes it then you are one of the lucky ones!

There will be the chance of an inconspicuous comment under your post featuring the title of a fictional movie alongside a link to the reworked version of your loved photo.

Check out some of the Redditors responses:

(dopplerizer/Reddit) (Courtesy of Your Post As A Movie) “Putting that poster in her room,” commented Reddit user dopplerizer, who posted the original picture featured above.

“Thankyou, my folks love this. My mom in particular is flattered that she bears a resemblance to Diane Lane from behind,” wrote Redditer skycoaster.

The mysterious artist started this pattern approximately two years ago, and, since then, the artist has gone from strength to strength whilst garnering media attention along the way.
However, the clue is in the name people.. Don’t just go messaging him with your pics; as the artist himself was quoted, “‘Your POST as a movie’. It has to be a submission to the site where everyone can see your post. How else would your budding moviegoers see your movie if they can’t see your poster!”

I look forward to more artwork from this interesting artist and shall start checking through my pics collection forthwith!