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YouTube update for Xbox 360 available to test now!


Microsoft Xbox 360 users who recently downloaded the new Xbox 360 dashboard update may have noticed that some of the key video and streaming features that were heavily advertised for the update are still not on the new dashboard software, with YouTube and BBC iPlayer (for us in the UK) lacking.

Well it would appear that we won’t have to wait too long to get the console changing features on our Xbox 360’s as Microsoft has released a developers version of the YouTube application for people who have the Xbox Live Preview program.

The Preview program is a testing platform used by Microsoft for beta testing its new applications and features, and is only available at certain times when Microsoft opens up the testing platform to new users.

For the lucky few who have the testing platform, you can now access and download the new YouTube service to your Xbox 360 dashboard. The service will appear in the new TV area and will allow users to use most of YouTube’s playback features including watch later, Subscriptions, Playlists and Favourites plus the like/dislike a video feature, so you can silently judge from the Xbox 360 dashboard.

The update will also come with full Kinect Controls so you can do all of the above hands free with your Xbox 360 Kinect motion sensor.

In terms of the BBC iPlayer update, Microsofth as stated that we can expect it in early 2012, with January looking to be the expected date for arrival.

With users now testing the YouTube app, we’re expecting to to launch within the next month.

No matter the wait we are sure that the new BBC iPlayer and YouTube features will add a new lease of life to the Xbox 360 console with a host of TV and Video features.

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