Zombies, Run! Infection Spreads to Android and Windows Phone Gadgets!

Zombies are big business lately, with a return to our screens in the enthralling post-outbreak television series The Walking Dead and a new line-up of exciting new games launching such as Resident Evil 6 for Xbox 360 and ZombiU on the new Wii U.

Mobile gamers have also had a bite of the action and one of the most popular on-the-move survival titles, Zombies, Run! is now escaping the confines of Apple’s iOS to spread its infection to Android and Windows Phone gadgets!

As mentioned, the Zombies, Run! app has already been terrorising iPhone and iPad users for some time after starting as a Kickstarter project from a London-based developer. The game is essentially an exciting fitness app, with integrated GPS and logging which involves selecting any of 23 available missions, all of which require the player to run, jog or walk various distances to complete tasks and collect supplies – all the while evading the legions of undead that have infested the virtual world around you.

Hooking up your headphones will deliver an eerie audio experience, enhancing the gameplay with sound effects, helpful dialogue and even your own pumping zombie apocalypse soundtrack pulled directly from your Android device’s music library.

The appeal of zombies in popular culture is enjoying a resurrection and fitness apps are now widely used motivators in our modern mobile age, so combining the two is a winning formula and a lot of fun! Gadget Helpline really recommends picking up your Google gadget and grabbing this app for £5.49 through the Play store (Windows Phone to follow). Start running for your life – NOW!

This app requires Android 2.2 Froyo, and works with devices up to Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich.

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