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1 Million PS4 Consoles Sold In UK

it looks like the Playstation 4 is still the biggest seller over here in the United Kingdom, according to a triumphant new announcement from Sony released today. The console has apparently surpassed the 1 million consoles sold mark, still beating the Xbox One in term sof consoles sold.

The PS4, now also in white.

PS4 exclusives and free online services still manage to attract the bigger audience, regardless of the consoles status as the more expensive machine.

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Sony’s announcement also details some more PS4 triumphs over Microsoft’s console, it’s already hit 10 million worldwide sales plus is the second fastest console to ever achieve 1 million units sold in the UK, after the Nintendo Wii.

The Xbox One managed to surpass 1 million units sold in 60 weeks, sluggish compared to Sony consoles, who have outshined them even as far back as two console generations. The PS4 took just 42 weeks to hit the milestone, with the older the PS3 taking 46 weeks and the ancient PS2 a stately 50 weeks.

Sony Computer Entertainment Vice President/Managing Director for the UK and Ireland Fergal Gara, spoke out about the success of the console in a statement today.

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The demand for PS4 has been enormous, and we’re thrilled with the response from UK gamers,”

“From day one, our sole focus has been making PS4 the best place to play, so we’re delighted that so many UK gamers have made it their next gen console of choice.”

“We’d like to thank them for their amazing support and feedback so far, and assure them that their PS4 experience will only get better in the months and years to come.”

The remastered edition of The Last of Us, a big attraction for PS4 owners.

Social networking features are also kicking off for the console, with UK gamers accounting for 12 million gameplay videos, 21 gameplay images, as well as chalking up 1.2 million broadcast sessions which all together total more than 700,000 hours of content. A staggering 500,000 gameplay images have also been shared on official Facebook and Twitter outlets by UK PS4 players.

It’s been good times for Sony, with the remastered edition of The Last of Us being highlighted as a big incentive for players to grab one, as well as today’s cross platform release of Bungie’s Destiny.

Source: Eurogamer

Via: Engadget