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Hearthstone – Whispers of the old gods (free packs)

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Tomorrow Blizzard’s digital card game: Hearthstone will be rolling out their latest update, ‘Whispers of the old gods’. This update will involve a new Ranking system, 134 new cards and a few overpowered cards are having a well-earned Nerf, Yay!

The ranking system was in a poor state to be honest, the Meta consisted of a number of different decks but most of them contained certain cards that the general player-base could not leave out of their deck, if they had the card of course.

The update will be released on the 26th April 2016 and if you play it on this day you will gain free packs. Not only that but if you use the new ranking system and win some games you will get more free packs. In total, Blizzard are offering 15 packs just for playing the new update, this is pretty generous as a pack of cards usually goes for about £1.50. Anyone who opens a pack on the release day will also receive the C’Thun Legendary as an added extra:

All cards that have been released prior to the 26th will be able to be crafted using the in-game crafting system from dust accumulated through extra copies of cards etc. Also, the cards that are being nerfed will be changed to allow full dust back if disenchanting them.

This means that the proverbial floodgates have been lifted and the new standard ranking system should be full of many different deck types on the first day of release. They will of course be top-heavy in favour of C’Thun style decks but that is to be expected on day of release.

Players using the new standard system of climbing the ladder will not be able to use Naxxramas or Goblins vs Gnomes in their deck building arsenal, though Classic, Blackrock Mountain, Grand tournament and explorers will be available. The new system has a Wild format option which is essentially exactly the same as the old pay to win system. I am looking forward to this expansion as the game seems to be starting to like the idea that it is a card game which should involve deckbuilding and not just net-decking (copying deckbuilds from le internetz)! Have fun everyone.