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3 Gadget Goodies for Sci-Fi Geeks: Star Wars Keyboard, Doctor Who Sonic Screwdriver Remote & Vulcan Ear iPhone Case!

Rolling off the back of the San Diego Comic-Con this past weekend which saw announcements from many of our much-loved cult TV shows we thought we’d wind down from ‘geek-mode’ by throwing up a handful of gadget goodies based on some of our often featured favourite sci-fi franchises!


First up we’ve spotted this Star Wars keyboard – ideal for gaming in a Galaxy Far, Far Away. The deck features a stylish Saga-based design with gold backlighting to the keys and additional LED effects – it looks as though it could have been plucked from a control panel of the Death Star.

The keyboard allows you to battle through the Old Republic with traditional keyboard functions complimented by ten fully customisable and programmable additional keys and a multi-touch LCD track panel – boasting a 1-millisecond response time meaning it’s the fastest way to engage Sith foes without actually being a trained Jedi!

All that’s required to run this one is a PC with USB port, running Windows 7, Vista or XP and it’ll set you back $259.99 from ThinkGeek.


A browse on ThinkGeek will also bring up this remarkable replica which on appearances alone is just an elaborate toy based on the Mark VII Sonic Screwdriver as seen in BBC mainstay show Doctor Who – but just like the Doctor himself, this one is full of secrets and is in fact a Programmable TV Remote!  Using motion gesture the device becomes your one-grab gadget for infra-red channel changing on your telly to cranking up the volume on you iPod dock and opening a DVD tray accompanied by authentic sound FXs from the popular show.

All in all 13 gestures and 39 functions can be programmed into the 3 memory banks of the Doctor’s favourite gadget and each one is controlled by a different movement of your hand. With LED lighting effects and realistic detailing this looks the business on its accompanying display stand and will make you the envy of your nerd pals for $99.95 and the cost of 2 AAA batteries (Sorry no TARDIS charging for this one!)


Space. The Final Front-Ear.. and moving swiftly on from bad gags and onto genius gadget accessories we find ourselves on the U.S.S Enterprise (from which Apple stole most of its ideas) with this totally logical and Spock-tacular Star Trek-inspired cover for iPhone 4 and 4S!

The Spock Ear Design case uses the simply genius concept of replacing the back of the iPhone with a printed photograph of pointed Vulcan ear and with the additional detail of a traditionally triangular sideburn your Apple smartphone becomes virtually cloaked and leaves your humans mates wondering about your slightly ambiguous origins – wherever you boldly go!

The cover is made from a durable silicone and the print is a heat proof ink made to last the lifespan of your average Vulcan and best of all it’s the cheapest of our trilogy of sci-fi inspired items at just $15 through GraphicPals on Etsy!

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