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6 Original Shows coming to Xbox One TV service

The Xbox one has always been dubbed as an Entertainment Machine , but since its release the Console has followed a very similar line to Sony’s gaming machine the PS4, with a heavy focus on gaming and entertainment coming second.

However it looking like Microsoft is taking the next steps in making the Xbox One and other MS services more entertainment heavy by reportedly having 6 original content shows being created for the Xbox TV service. One of which is the already revealed Halo TV series which has the deft hand of Stephen Spielberg controlling it, but a further 5 shows are also reportedly in the pipeline for the service.

According to a report from Bloomberg the Xbox One original content list is being bumped up with host of different genre shows ranging from Sci-Fi to Comedy, all to be exclusive to the Xbox services (whether that be on Xbox Live or just for the Xbox One console).

The reports states that the laughs will be covered by two shows, one a stop motion animation helmed by Robot Chicken / Buffy the vampire famed Seth Green. Another show will be fronted by marmite like US comedienne Sarah Silverman, which will be a sketch show for the channel (is it even classed as a channel?).

After that is a series called: Humans which will be based on based on a Swedish thriller about human-robot workers, which is being co-produced with Channel 4 and due to hit the service/channel 4 in 2015.

2015 will also see the specially timed Every Street United, which will be a Football orientated show that is timed to arrive alongside the Football World Cup.

Whilst a few of these are a jump away from Gamers, MS will reportedly still be focusing their efforts on the core gaming demographic with plans to both entertain those who already own an Xbox and to draw in those who don’t.

There are still no official plans form Microsoft for the Xbox TV service, and there is no information on what the service will entail. Will it be available free for Xbox Live subscribers? Will we need an additional Subscription? Will 360 users have access to the shows?

We do not know, but it seems that Microsoft are coming for Netflix and LOVEFiLM with the new original content, and this can only be a good thing for Xbox fans.