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Android TV Documents and images Leak – Google TV but better!

Its seems that TV and Streaming is still the thing of the future at the moment, and after Amazon’s big launch and push into the Set-Top box/TV Streaming area its looking like Google are re-tooling themselves to make a second attempt at Google TV.

In a major exclusive, the Verge have  obtained some internal Google documents that not only show images of the new Android TV user interface, but also present details of the new content delivery system that will be supporting it.

Google famously had a hard time with its first Google TV release where a lack of interest, issues with exclusive content and issues with third party content suppliers blocking the service, but with the world of Streaming and On Demand content now being much more popular, it could be the time for Android TV to take its centre stage.

The leaked images and information shows a new smooth look for the Android based set top boxes, with Google delivering Apps, Streaming and many more services. The leak shows off Google’s incoming content delivery system and the documents state that the device will have a simple remote control that will allow users to move back and forth through menus.

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In the documents , it states that “Android TV is an entertainment interface, not a computing platform,” Google wrote. “It’s all about finding and enjoying content with the least amount of friction.” It will be “cinematic, fun, fluid, and fast.”

The images back this up to, as they show off the menu system and a few of the app based programs, with a simple multi display view of streaming and download content  as well as pop out menus with quick select functions.

The images also reveal that Google will be following in Amazon’s footsteps by also having a focus on Android gaming with the set-top boxes, as a dedicated Games section can be seen. Apps wise, there is your usual Netflix, Hulu and YouTube Apps as well as quick links to the Google Play store for Music, Movies and games.

Similar to the Amazon Fire TV box, there will be a “optional” game controllers to be purchased separately for gaming, and in the images you can see Android games such as Plants Vs Zombies 2, Temple Run and Asphalt 8.

Google will be keen to not repeat its mistakes with the first launch of Google TV, and the new Android TV leak suggest a fluid and wells thought out set to p box. Many of the features look similar to Amazon’s offering, but seeing as both will be powered by the Android OS, its not hard to see why they are so similar.

No details are leaked about possible release dates, availability or pricing have been leaked yet though.

All images and Source: The Verge