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Acer and Star Trek Into Darkness Tease U.S.S Enterprise Notebook

Acer’s new laptop computer boldly goes where no laptop has gone before!

With a sleek Star Trek themed design and Windows 8 on board for the voyage the new model has been teased in a promotional video featuring shots of the device literally in action as well as footage from the soon to be released Star Trek Into Darkness – the second in the rebooted film franchise directed by J.J. Abrams.

The Star Trek trailer for Acer’s latest Windows 8 device promises a unique notebook and as an exciting chase plays out featuring Chris Pine as Captain Kirk and Zachary Quinto as Mister Spock the sleek laptop falls rapidly through a futuristic and industrial landscape. During the descent we witness just how unique this Acer model is and showing off a two-fold hinge and slide out section the laptop actually transforms to resemble the shape of the legendary Starship Enterprise.

This premium design and inclusion of Windows 8 suggests this model will join the company’s Ultrabook range but just like Benedict Cumberbatch’s character in the new Star Trek movie the true identity and potential of this one is currently a mystery.

There’s no doubt that Gene Roddenberry’s sci-fi series Star Trek has always been ahead of its time and has predicted and influenced the future of tech many times throughout its 47 year legacy and with the recently revamped franchise making an impression on hardcore Trekkies and general cinema-goers alike there’s no surprise that tech companies will view Star Trek as a platform to launch their new devices.

We need only look at gadgets such as the earliest flip front mobile phones, tablet computers such as the Apple iPad and motion gesture and voice recognition with Xbox Kinect to see they can all be attributed in some way to the popular show which has now spawned six separate shows and twelve movies with the newest in the series, Star Trek Into Darkness being released on 3rd of May in the U.K.