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Microsoft begin research on Star Trek style Holodeck tech

Okay.. it’s not really the Holodeck. But it is the Holodesk. The closest we’ve got to the reality replicating gadgetry featured in Gene Roddenberry’s sci-fi vision of the future Star Trek. And one of the tech world’s leaders in motion control and interactivity – Microsoft – is on it right now!


The Holodesk uses an over head screen projecting a 3D image into a desktop through a beam-splitter. Facial recognition allows the technology to match eye line and level displaying the image in the correct perspective. Motion sensing Kinect, usually seen as a toy for Xbox, picks up the user’s movement, allowing manipulation of the object which is being projected – just as if it were real.

The simplistic tests currently in the early research stages can be seen on a new video and demonstrate virtually projected stacking blocks on the desktop and a cup and ball game – with physical cup and virtual ball.

Here’s yet another example of how our modern tech is referencing back to science fiction – but it’s still a far cry from our own personal Danger Room. We can but hope. For now check out the video to see something fantastic in the making!

Microsoft yesterday revealed its plans to bring television into the interactive age using the Kinect system, allowing kids to play on a virtual Sesame Street or hunt wildlife through Nat Geo programming.

Fans of sci-fi will be pleased to hear that a restored version of popular show Star Trek: The Next Generation will be coming to Blu-Ray in 2012. Read the Gadget Helpline’s coverage – Here.

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