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Activision is “hopeful” Playstation Network will be back for Call of Duty “Escalation” DLC release

Activision is hopeful that Playstation 3 owners will be able to get their hands on the latest Call of Duty: Black Ops downloadable content package on time – despite the current difficulties affecting Sony’s online networks.

The “Escalation” levels package includes a hotly-anticipated zombie stage “Call of the Dead” starring Hollywood horror icons and is scheduled to drop in early June. Whilst Sony are now promising the PSN will be returned to a working and secure state on May 31st, the publisher remains confident the release will go without a hitch and gamers will be able to enjoy the DLC as intended.

A statement from Activision’s Publishing CEO reads “We’re planning on launching the Call of Duty Escalation content pack for the PS3 later in the quarter and I’m hopeful that this situation will be resolved by then”

Activision do however report that quarterly “high-margin” revenue losses are going to be evident due to Sony’s epic fail, which won’t see the service resumed until at least 6 weeks after the problem was first identified.

Fellow publisher Capcom has chipped in with their thoughts stating that Sony have been “transparent as it possibly can be” in regards to addressing the situation of the hack and that “hundreds of thousands, if not millions of dollars” have been lost in revenue since Sony pulled the Playstation Network on April 20th.

We find it interesting to see how things are affecting not only the gamer, but the gaming industry at large.

If Sony can keep their word, Call of Duty fans will be enjoying the “Escalation” DLC on Playstation 3 from June 3rd.

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