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Sony Playstation Network may not return until 31st May!

We would we not like to be working at Sony at the moment, with this endless debacle about the PlayStation Network being down, hacked and generally violated it must be hard times at Sony corps worldwide.

PS3 users are also having a bit of a toughie with the PSN still down and no foreseeable return date stated by Sony. Things may still take a while to fix if a recent report by Bloomberg is to go buy which states that Sony’s systems may be down until the end of the month!

The report states that Tokyo-based Sony spokesperson Shigenori Yoshida is quoted as saying “Sony is uncertain when it can resume the services,” and that “The company is in the process of adopting an improved security system and its plan to restart the services fully by May 31 is unchanged.”

So PSN users may be online gaming free until the end of May, which would equate to 40 days and nights of no connection and security issues. We all hope Sony will sort out the issues soon but this will probably go down as one of the worst hacks/security breaches of all time.

For more info on the PSN being down see here:

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