Adobe Photoshop finally delivers complete blur removal – MAX 2011 crowd in awe of new development

A new feature within future versions of Photoshop could eliminate annoying photo blur forever. Adobe showed off the feature in a prototype of the premier in picture editing software which left the audience at the recent MAX 2011 presentation in total awe.

It’s a common annoyance to take a bunch of snaps and find that they are blurred beyond repair, terrible shots that would otherwise be Facebook worthy is they didn’t have that distorted edge and loss of clarity. No matter how much you do with currently available photo software you can never make your image crystal clear. As a graphical person myself, I can attest it’s infuriating to say the least.

This demonstration showed that with just a few clicks and within seconds an image goes from blurry to clear with minimal fuss or effort. For those not in attendance there’s a video which has escaped from the event but of course this doesn’t give away how impressive the feature seems to be, but listen to the crowd reaction when the image suddenly goes from being a dud to being a keep-worthy moment.

The feature should work for those dodgy mobile phone snaps, as well as clearing up a photo featuring text – making previously scrawled type legible once more. Adobe decline to give a release date for this gem leaving the happy snappers in attendance gasping for more.

A range of Adobe photo editing apps for iPad have recently been released. Check out our article on the Photoshop Touch range of apps now available through the Apple App Store – Here.

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