If you’re a fan of the Photoshop Express app for either the iPhone or iPad, you may be interested in knowing that Adobe has just issued version 2.0, which now comes with a range of new features allowing you to take your photo tweaking to new levels.

The new version now features a new camera work flow for rapid in-app photo taking, as well as a new Adobe Camera Pack which can be purchased as an optional extra.

Should you choose to purchase the new Camera Pack, you can expect to have some cool new features including the ability to reduce noise within a captured image; it also features a self-timer to make sure you can be in on all the snaps, and also an automatic review option to quickly assess your images.

Finally, there is also now support for multitasking and Apple’s Retina display for the iPhone 4. If you want to give the new Photoshop Express app a go, you can head on over to the App store where it can be downloaded for free now.