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‘Affordable’ Cubify 3D Printing System Starts Shipping

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We’re reading more and more about the new-fangled fad of 3D printing recently and the Gadget Helpline has seen superb examples of how this intriguing concept can produce some truly novel creations, such as the personalised plastic PEZ dispensers we recently reported on and a really cool miniature model of Game of Thrones domain Winterfell which has recently been doing the rounds online.

3D printing is finally starting to arrive in the home and today one such unit, called Cubify, has begun shipping from US company 3D Systems.

Boasting ‘the best-at home 3D printing experience’ in a lightweight and affordable frame, the Cubify Cube 3D System allows we novices to enjoy replicating a number of exciting and everyday items from small things like iPhone cases and toy rocket ships up to more ambitious projects such as a full sized guitar shell.

All of these products are available as patterns on the Cubify website, ready to download and program in to the printer. These purchasable patterns are customisable through the site and the digitally downloaded files are used to communicate your idea with the 3D printer system, allowing it to ‘print’ the objects three dimensionally using cartridges of coloured plastic.

A 3D Systems spokesperson marked the launch of Cubify home shipping by stating “Our growing selection of 3D Apps, designs and lifestyle accessories on makes 3D printing accessible to everyone and our sustainability and safety enhancements makes 3D printing responsible and enjoyable for the entire family.”

Despite being ‘affordable’ the Cubify Cube 3D System will still set you back a hefty $1299, with the apps and patterns available at additional costs.