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AI Drivethru – Want Chips With That?

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The AI drivethru is coming soon to a McDonalds near you!

McDonalds are in the process of updating their drive through setup. No longer will a tired young voice crackle through the ether. The voice you hear will now be crisp, always happy to help, and, most importantly, it will regularly up-sell to you…

AI Drivethru

The fast food giant has purchased a machine learning startup – Dynamic Yield, the cost is reported to be $300 million.

The main difference from the normal human interaction will be that the AI knows you. Personalisation is key here.

If the customer is using an app to order this will be used as info for the AI to interact with each one personally.

Why is this a big deal though?

Well, unlike normal staffing. This new order taker not only knows who you are through your app but it also remembers everything you have ever ordered. 

It can use this information to work out the probability that you will pay extra for something else depending on your previous choices.

This is just the start though.

The system will be able to monitor a number of vectors. It will be aware of the current weather and promotions. It can also suggest items that take a short time to prepare if there is a queue forming.

Combine this with the apps ability to send you notifications, permissions granted of course.
You may not be sure what you are having for lunch today, Mcdonalds will now have a good idea!

The problem with using pattern recognition in retail is that it passively forces people into channels.
All good if you enjoy doing the same thing forever, right?

So, the AI Drivethru, while its great for the retailer, it’s not so good for a varied diet…

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