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AIRE Mask Concept Charges Your Smartphone While You Breathe!

A Brazilian inventor has come up with an innovative new way to charge up our gadgets using a method that as natural as breathing – by actually breathing!

The AIRE Mask turns lung power into electrical power, while making you look bad like Bane in the Dark Knight Rises, and a number of portable devices can be hooked up including smartphones and MP3 players. Normal every-day breathing into the mask’s turbine will convert to energy to power most of our pocket devices but we’d imagine you’d need a bit more puff to charge your new iPad!

Even strapping on the mask while sleeping will provide a steady charge as you doze through the night, but running, exercise, walking the dog or other activities which increase your rate of breathing (use your imagination!) will obviously increase the chargers capability.

The AIRE Mask is currently just a concept, but the Gadget Helpline would love to see this one become reality because it’s such a clever and energy saving way of utilising something we all do naturally and now we know what kept the Death Star afloat – Darth Vader’s asthma!

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