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All-New Gadgets Coming Early September

Early September 2014 is going to be jam packed with gadget releases from all your favourite manufacturers, with the first week in particular being hailed as one of the most exciting weeks of the year for tech fans.

So what’s all the fuss about? Well, not only is the iPhone 6 rumored to emerge, but also we may be seeing the amazing Moto 360 from Motorola, plus hopefully the Galaxy Note 4 from Samsung, to name a few.

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Each manufacturer press event above is coming within the first 7 days of the month meaning if you’ve got a pay packet to spare you may want to seriously consider holding off any big spends until the announcements are made. The iPhone 6 is going to probably be the most expensive device of the week, but there are others to choose from.

Samsung’s possible release for the Galaxy Note 4 is billed for the 3rd of September, with the Korean tech firm hinting at the unveiling with a cheeky message to the press with the tagline ‘note the date’ on the promo blurb for the event, the second in a series of events known as ‘Unpacked’. Samsung Unpacked 2014 Episode 2, as it’s fully called, will take place simultaneously in Berlin, Beijing and New York, and will also see the unveiling of other, as yet unrevealed, products too.

The very next day is Motorola’s chance to shine, with the 4th bringing a worldwide Motorola launch in Chicago, with a cryptic ‘fortune teller’ invitation being sent out to the media. Judging by the icons of several different devices, it makes sense that Motorola will be unveiling a wearable as well as traditional devices, with the round watch icon on the teller being a clear indicator of the Moto 360’s arrival.

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Last, but not least, there’s an Apple event on the 9th of September. We’ll most likely see the new iPhone 6 there, and potentially the long awaited iWatch, although no confirmation of the product being launched has come. The Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg have both confirmed the rumoured event date from their own sources.

Source: Engadget