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Amazon Dash Buttons Launched for UK Households

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Amazon’s Dash Replenishment Service (DRS) and Dash Buttons has been launched in the UK.

Promoted on April the first last year, everyone obviously presumed that Amazon Dash Buttons were a gag – playing on the futuristic fascination of creating the ultimate smart home. Re-ordering some of your most used household items at the tap of a button is indeed very Back to the Future-esque but is it really something we need in the home “IRL”?

Amazon seems to think so and launched the DRS and its accompanying Dash Buttons in the United States a little while ago, and now, they’ve seen fit to unleash it over this side of the pond.

Popular and regularly used consumer products such as Andrex toilet rolls, Air Wick air freshener, Huggies nappies, Fairy washing up liquid and Pedigree Chum dog food are available through smart connected buttons which via the magic of Wi-Fi will put an order through to Amazon for a restock. Thus meaning if you’re sat on the pan counting down your last few sheets, you can press a conveniently placed button (featuring a gaudy brand logo) and your shipment will be processed within a few hours by Amazon’s Prime service, which you will need to be a member of at £79 per year.

The Dash Buttons also cost a £4.99 one-time payment each, with Amazon crediting this amount from your first order through the DRS and some of the brands on offer are not only helpful but also highly amusing.

I mean whose player palace would not be complete without a Durex re-ordering button positioned right next to the bed? And for those less fortunate in bedroom conquests it’s nice to know you could also bulk buy some Play-Doh – which is also quite fun.

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