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Dash Cam Troubleshooting with Gadget Helpline

Dash Cam troubleshooting with Gadget Helpline.

As with most gadgets and devices in this day and age, there are often many ways things can seemingly go wrong or just not play by the rules, this is a little guide which you can run through just in case you have any trouble with your Dash Cam now, bear in mind some of these are specific to more common issues we encounter day to day but are easily resolved by following our simple steps.

My Dash Cam Switches Off without my input/it happens automatically?

So, we’ve all encountered the troublesome gadget seemingly suffering from electronic narcolepsy the first thing to check when something like this occurs are the user settings for automatic standby or the automatic disability of the display usually labelled as  “Auto Off” or other synonymous phrasing.

My Dash Cam isn’t keeping charge/won’t charge with the car adaptor?

Now, when a device won’t charge this will usually be related to the charger, the first thing to check is that your physical connections are all okay, usually you should see some form of prompt that the charger is active or charging via a light to indicate charging. If you do not see anything like this, try another charger to be sure.

It’s also good to remember, the battery life on a dash cam is not long and usually require being plugged in as this is usually the intended use.

Failing that, the issue could be solved by resetting the device which we cover a bit further down.

My Dash Cam Doesn’t Record/Stops recording after a period of time

For issues regarding the recording of the captured video of a dash cam there are a few causes which could cause this the most common being the Memory Card.

Ensure that your Memory card has been formatted and installed correctly, often the formatting of the card can be done in the camera menu by itself.

Some Cameras come with a feature called Loop Recording, which means it won’t stop recording when the SD card is full, other devices do not have this make sure you check your user manual to double check the features that you have available.

If you are sure that nothing listed above is the cause of the issue, we always suggest a reset.

My Dash Cam is frozen/won’t respond

Usually when something like this happens, the only way to resolve the issue is to do a reset, usually this can be done via a pinhole sized reset button on the device itself, find yours by consulting the user manual.HI
If you still can’t find it, just disconnect the power and let it run its natural course; it’s likely to fix it self once it powers down due to the period of time it has been left or if the battery runs down first.

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