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Amazon Kindle Voyage Ready for Pre Order

Amazon’s Kindle range has received praise for affordability, in fact the original model of the Kindle is currently going for just £59 from the UK version of the Amazon. However, the more high end niche in the market for e-readers priced around $200 in the US doesn’t yet include an Amazon Kindle model… or at least not for long.

The Kindle Voyage is ready to order.

The newer luxury model of the Kindle is on the way according to Amazon, who have made the device ready for pre order now. The high end, high price device is known as the Kindle Voyage, and it features better features when compared to current model Kindles virtually across the board.

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Physically the Kindle Voyage doesn’t seem to look much different to its previous generation cousins, although the materials used to physically construct the device are better quality, however from what we’ve heard the device includes a brand new screen. The new paperwhite e-ink screen manages to condense 300 pixels per inch on the device’s 6 inch screen for unprecedented image quality.

The device’s additional features are also as impressive. Amazon has equipped the Kindle Voyage with an active light sensor, which adjusts the device’s lighting, ie the backlight, to fit with the light levels of the user’s current surroundings.

A rundown of the Kindle Voyage’s features. Image Credit: Amazon

Another cool feature of the Voyage is the ability to turn the page of your current hot read with the new answer to page turn buttons. Instead of just adding a normal button, a hard press in a certain spot below the screen turns the page with force sensitive touch technology. There’s also a haptic feedback rumble pack with provides vibrations to confirm key presses or page turning.

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As for software upgrades, the Kindle Voyage has been augmented with some new features that Amazon’s been trying out recently. These features include an image browser so you can check those textbook illustrations or diagrams in detail, plus there’s a new feature called ‘notable passages’, which makes a log of the most viewed parts of a book or textbook in a timeline.

There’s also a new feature called WordWise, which means you can see dictionary definitions right there on the page instead of having to close your reading view to look them up.

These features are also expected to make an appearance on current Kindle models as well as Kindle Paperwhite, and together with those premium extras shown above the Kindle Voyage seems to be a great choice if you’re looking for a high end e-reader that stands out in the crowd.

The device is available for pre order from Amazon now for £169 or $199, and can be purchased either online or in participating stores in November. The UK site lists a November 4th release date, whilst the US site doesn’t show a release date, but says any orders placed today will ship on November 24th.

Pre-Order: (US) (UK)

Via: Engadget