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LG Ditch the G Pro 3 as they Launch One Flagship – LG G4

LG has decided to slow the pace of its smartphone releases down by half, meaning that next year the company will only launch one flagship handset instead of the usual two, as it has been doing recently, according to the South Korean site,

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This decision could mean the G Pro 3 phablet, which was supposed to have been due for release in the initial half of 2015, may have ended before it had even begun while LG focus their energies on the flagship G4 device instead.

The G Pro 3 was designed to compete with other phablets on the market; however LG believe that there are few differences between the G Pro and G lines of smartphone – especially in size. Other cheaper models of the G3 have also been created this year, such as the G3 S and the G3 Stylus. These factors further reinforce LG’s decision to ditch the G Pro 3.

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Whether or not the reduction in device range will affect LG’s sales is yet unclear. It could work out that because there’s less product range there will be less demand, or it could go the other way and make LG’s handsets more sought after. Either way LG aren’t exactly doing badly when it comes to income. They’re no Samsung or Apple but that doesn’t seem to be a problem with the G3 being one of the most popular Android phones this year.

Source: BGR