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Amazon Seeks Writers & Creators for New Instant Video Programming

Fancy yourself making megabucks as the next Joss Whedon? A number of rumours had been surrounding the idea of “Amazon TV” for a while and now the company has confirmed by offering to throw a whole load of money at budding screenwriters and creators in support of its new Instant Video service which will host original programming through a new avenue of the retail website.

Amazon Studios is willing to pay $6000 for scripts to be optioned on a once per month basis, while if a series is greenlit $34,000 will go into the production costs to make it happen. It’s no small budget for a web-based television project and Amazon means to make these shows look as legit as possible as resembling the quality we’d find from the prime time programme producing studios.

At present Amazon is seeking to find scripts for 22 minute comedies and children’s programmes aimed at 2-14 year olds and applicants will be required to submit a pilot script lasting no longer than 54 pages and detailing the series “at its best” along with a two-to-six page “mini-bible” which describes what will happen in later episodes if the series is based on an on-going storyline, or what future shows will have to offer if they are a stand-alone format.

There’s also a video promo contest running where creators can submit a 10-60 second short clip in live action or animation to advertise any of the shows optioned by Amazon and be eligible for a $7000 prize.

The Amazon Studios website details the requirements in full and is accepting scripts now.

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