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Report Suggests the New iPhone Will be Longer, Thinner and With a New Dock Connector

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We’ve still got a long way to go this year before we see Apple’s new iPhone, but the rumour mill is starting to kick in ahead of schedule.

Apple-centric website iLounge claims to have gained information on the new iPhone, although it doesn’t quote its sources. However, the website did gain eyes-on time with the new iPad ahead of its release earlier in the year and published an accurate report of the device, so they could be onto something.

The website reports that Apple will stick to the same style as with the iPhone 4 and 4S, although it will alter the shape to accommodate a larger screen. The phone will remain the same width but will be made around 10mm longer and 1.9mm thinner, which will make room for a 4-inch screen, which is the size many have already expected. We’re told that the phone will be 125mm tall, 58.5mm wide and a very slim 7.4mm thick.

The idea of a 4-inch screen has already been rumoured but also shot down by many Apple experts. A screen of this size would involve changing the aspect ratio of the phone, which could wreak havoc for app developers, whose apps have been specifically created for the 4:3 ratio, not a widescreen 16:9 device.

Rather than being almost entirely made out of glass, Apple is reportedly mixing it up with glass and metal. The iPhone 4S uses ultra-tough Gorilla Glass and the next model will use the improved Gorilla Glass 2 on the front. The back will be made from a sheet of metal, although we’re not yet sure what type – this could be something to do with the Liquidmetal formed casing that we’ve also heard about recently.

Perhaps most interestingly, iLounge is reporting that Apple will use a completely new type of dock connector on its next iPhone, dropping the current (and very widely used) 30-pin connector. The port will be rounded on the edges and corners and will be a little larger than the speaker grilles on the bottom of the iPhone 4 and 4S. This new connection will apparently also be used on a new iPod Touch that Apple will also launch later in the year.

We’re not too sure about the latter rumour – with the thousands of docking stations, chargers and other accessories out there that use the 30-pin docking standard, surely changing this would cause massive problems. Apple could always just adopt that good old charging standard, the Micro USB.

As always, take these rumours with a pinch of salt as its early days. Food for thought though – what features would you like to see from the iPhone 5, iPhone 4G or whatever you’re expecting it to be called?

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Via: iLounge