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Amazon UK is Latest to Deliver Price Drop on Nintendo Wii U – Now Under £200

Following the examples set out by supermarket Asda and online retailer ShopTo, Amazon has now dropped the price of the Nintendo Wii U to below £200 in the UK.

Nintendo’s  ‘living room revolution’ the Wii U was launched just three-and-a-half months ago with a £250 price tag that wasn’t really suiting of every gamer’s budget, and that was just for the entry level console on its own with the new touchscreen gamepad.

The Nintendo Wii U Basic package (an 8GB white model with GamePad) will now be available through for fifty-one pounds cheaper at £199, alongside the Premium package (32GB black console with GamePad), which will now cost £249.

Predicted first year sales of the Wii U were lowered from 5.5 million to 4 million by Nintendo after the console’s worldwide release across November 2012 was less well received than expected. This however did not stop thousands lining the streets for an early play with the innovative new platform and starting games such as New Super Mario Bros. U and ZombiU.

Elsewhere in Nintendo land, the company has just lost a lawsuit relating to seven patents used in its handheld 3DS. $30.2 million dollars was paid to Tomita Technologies after designs were allegedly infringed on after they were original shown during a 2003 meeting between Nintendo and Tomita about the use of 3D technology in a future gaming platform – ouch!.