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Supermarket Morrisons to Introduce Online Shopping Basket Next Year

Morrisons has announced plans to introduce online goods and groceries ordering to its website in 2014.

Unlike other leading British supermarkets, Morrisons is yet to add a cyberspace shopping basket to its website, which is surprising in such computer dependant times, and following substantial financial losses over the Christmas period, taking a stuffing from rival supermarkets such as J Sainsbury, Tesco and Asda for the first time in six years. All three of these leading four brands have web outlets and have done for some years.

With the disappointing figures in mind, Morrisons has admitted it has been slow on the uptake of utilising the digital platform, declaring that a turnaround is needed and now is the time to look at allowing its customers the convenience of picking their weekly food orders, household and electrical items and entertainment products. The new service will become available on desktop and laptop computers and tablets.

Morrisons will also look at its promotion as well as increasing its warehouse capacity and improving the electrical knowledge of its staff in preparation for the website expansion next year.