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Amazon Unlimited Cloud Storage Super Cheap (in the US)

Amazon never content to just sell stuff is taking on Dropbox now, with a new cloud storage plan that’s dirt cheap. You can now store an unlimited number of files in the cloud for $60 a year (no word on if this will be available in the UK). Current UK pricing puts 1TB at £320 a year but Amazon tend to roll deals out in American and then some time later in the UK.

Amazon’s Unlimited Everything Plan allows you to “Store an infinite number of new and existing photos, videos, files, documents, movies, and music in Cloud Drive. There will also be a $12 per year photos-only plan. Although Prime subscribers in the UK will already have access to this for free, note this offer is open to anyone and there is no bonus deal for prime subscribers.

Compare this to the other cloud storage companies you say. Ok. Firstly no one else really offers “Unlimited storage”. So I will look at 1TB of space MediaFire is currently the cheapest at $2.50 a month again American based but you can use it from the UK, they also offer 100TB for £24.99 a month (considerably more than Amazon). OneDrive does have a UK price at £5.99 ($10.99) a month with a free use of office 365, and finally Dropbox charges £7.99 a month (again $10.99 don’t ask me what conversion rates they use). There are plenty of others out there but these seem to be the most popular.

Amazon’s offer is cheap by any standard. But how many of us actually need unlimited, my entire library of music and films doesn’t reach 1TB, worth considering seeing as MediaFire would work out cheaper.

It makes sense that Amazon is using their power to leverage more customers. Their Cloud storage is basically unlimited so why not offer everyone unlimited storage.