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Internet Explorer Support Discontinued

Microsoft is getting ready to promote and move over to a new web browser for Windows 10. Internet Explorer, which has lagged behind in speed and security for the last few years, is to be replaced by a new web browser known as Spartan, which is to include much anticipated new features.

Windows 10’s release is to be jam packed with new features such as Spartan, so it’s natural that the operating system is to do away with a few programs from Windows 7 and 8.1 – this time around things will be different from the Windows we’ve known since the era of Windows XP.

The Internet Explorer browser has often been the target of criticism for its flaws, with the newest version IE 11 being generally considered to be less secure and an easier target for viruses. Security upgrades for the older IE 11 browse will unfortunately be discontinued – Spartan is the future in web browsing.

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You’ll still be able to use IE 11 as a ‘legacy browser’ – it’ll be included in with Windows 10 but no doubt will only serve as a tool in case another program has a use for it. Internet Explorer will, in the near future, not be intended for frequent everyday browsing., or “for enterprises and other customers who require legacy browser support.” according to Microsoft.

A comparison between Spartan and Internet Explorer 11 – both versions use a different rendering engines and HTML.


Microsoft has promised Spartan will offer compatibility with the latest Cortana digital assistant as well as a curious ability to integrate with other browsers like Chrome and Firefox. Spartan uses new rendering technologies and code to work better with modern, more complex websites.

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The now outdated Internet Explorer has evolved over almost a decade, and in that time there’s been a general increase in the operating speeds and capabilities of computers. As a result websites are starting to include much more complex features, especially with HTML5 becoming more common. Spartan is designed with this in mind.

It’s been a long time since any kind of replacement has come for Internet Explorer, and indeed the browser has nearly always been outclassed lately. The new default browser Spartan is hopefully going to change all that. A long time ago, IE was certainly a big player in the web browser game, and Spartan is hoped to once again lead the way into a new, more complicated internet.

Via: Techspot

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